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Richard Carrier Talk at Skepticon about the plot holes in the resurrection story
So…if Jesus Didn’t Exist, Where Did He Come from Then? "My Madison talk is essentially a brief précis of what I believe to be the most defensible Jesus myth theory and why it probably better explains the origins of Christianity than traditional theories do."
Why I think Jesus didn't exist A much more detailed explanation, with much background information, than "if Jesus didn't exist", above.
Interview with Carrier answers questions about what brought him to Naturalism, etc.
Daniel Dennett Breaking the Spell - Religion as a Natural Phenomenon How religion evolved.
Good Reasons for "Believing" in God Why people (especially clerics) pretend to believe.
The Evolution of Confusion from AAI 2009
What should replace religion?
Jared Diamond The Evolution of Religion From the author of Guns, Germs, and Steel.
DonExodus Evolution proved beyond reasonable doubt A short 4 video series briefly laying out the salient evidence "proving" the Theory of Evolution
The Deconversion Series:
Why I am no longer a Christian
("I" = "Evid3nc3")
How to let go of religion, or get somebody else to.
18 videos, total time: 2 hours, 43 minutes.
A History of God Part 1 Part 2
(from Why I am no longer a Christian)
The editorial history of the Old Testament. Based on Karen Armstrong's book A History of God.
David Fitzgerald Lack of historical evidence for Jesus from Skepticon III; see also his book Nailed!
Brian Flemming The God Who Wasn't There A debunking of the Bible story, including a discussion of all the blood in The Passion of Christ.
Jonathan Haidt The real difference between liberals and conservatives Conservative/Republican/Faithful vs. Liberal/Democratic/Atheist.
Sam Harris Sam Harris at Idea CIty '05 The problem with the failure to criticize religion, and why moderates are such a problem.
The Moral Landscape A series of 4 videos of talks at the UCSD based on the book.
History Channel The Bible Unearthed A documentary on the book of the same name about the archaeologists who showed that modern archaeology disagrees with the Old Testament
Christopher Hitchens Why Religion is Immoral Powerfully persuasive rhetoric exposing the degrading filthiness of religious moral perception. Highly recommended!
Lawrence Krauss A Universe From Nothing How the universe self-assembled, with no help from God. See also: The Grand Design.
Bill Maher Anti-Theism Opposes Religion Excerpts from Religulous, explaining why religion must go.
Jonathan Miller and others Atheism: A Rough History of Disbelief and The Atheism Tapes Explores the development of atheism as a singular mode of being.
philhellenes Science Saved My Soul
Playing God: The Loving Psychopath[8:59]
God: The Love Born From Terror[10:58] A lesson about pareidolia and overactive agency detection.
How to Fight a God [8:59] Extremely reassuring for former theists with lingering fear.
Robert Sapolsky Evolution, religion, schizophrenia and the schizotypal personality Excellent video lecture about the connection between religion and various mental illnesses such as OCD
skydivephil Debunking the Kalam Cosmological Argument of William Lane Craig Engaging disproof of the Kalam argument, based on modern physics and cosmology.
Julia SweenyLetting Go Of God A funny, moving, insightful account of Sweeny's search for God and loss of faith.
Andy Thomson
(anybody got me a link?)
Why We Believe in Gods from American Atheists 09
Neil deGrasse Tyson God of the Gaps  
The Erosion of Progress (from God of the Gaps) Explanation of how scientific progress in the Arab world stopped as a result of Islam.
Science research worldwide, 2000/2010 Science research in much of the world has increased... except in the US!

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