NukeThePope's Virtual Love Life

Who says that atheism doesn't woo the chicks?

NOTE to those who appear here: This page is meant purely for fun. If you don't want to be on this page, note that the text comes from a public post of yours; but of course I respect your wishes and will either anonymize or remove your text, as you wish.

  • (anonymous): Plus, I would really like to fuck you. :)

  • adamdavid85: I think I love you.

  • Antares42: I love you, NTP.

  • AwesomeFama: I think I might love you, no homo.

  • badbadsnipey: I think I love you...

  • bandpitdeviant: Oh man, I love you. That had me laughing so hard it woke my girlfriend

  • BomanTheBear: I think this is the part where I say I love you in order to get onto yet another list on the internet.

  • Bounds: I love you as a fellow child of God, but I don't love much of what you have to say.

  • BigLuckyDavy: Pope, I love you...I'm willing to have surgery so I can have your babies!

  • brillient89: I think I'm in love with you. That. is. awesome.

  • Captain_Scienceman: I love you.

  • chronoslynx: NukeThePope I think I love you for this

  • Chunkeeboi: And I love you for it, even if no one else does...

  • corinroyal: Dear NukeThePope: Please accept my undying love as a token of appreciation for your unrelenting awesomeness.

  • cracksandwich: Fuck yeah! I think I love you.

  • dementedsnake: I love you sometimes.

  • DorkusPrime: I love you. For every one of these that you post, my love for you will grow.

  • drunkfish: If i havent said i love you....I just did now. 

  • Edor: I love you.

  • eleonhardt: by the way I love you

  • emanon085: I think i love you.

  • Eryemil: I, too, love you NukeThePope. If you are ever in the mood for free oral sex...

  • euthyphro: oh, nuke. i love you.

  • GenJonesMom: That seals it, NTP, I will indeed be one of your concubines in Greenland. Turn the fire up under the hot-tub, I'm comin' in!
    BTW, sounds like you're going to need some Viagra. ;)

  • Grapedinthe_mouth: I am a straight man, and yet the love I feel for you burns within me like the fires of a thousand torched spiders.

  • h3p: I love you

  • HelenAHandbasket: I love you so much.

  • InMemory7: NukeThePope, if I didn't hate romantic relationships, I would marry you. If rejected, I would beg to caress your cerebrum once a day so that the beauty of your logic would rub off on me.

  • jam_spoons: How do I love thee? Let me count the ways. Currently there are 101,943 of them.

  • Jasperodus: ... I propose marriage, regardless of gender.

  • jcf005: If I was a girl I might try to sleep with you.

  • Kerio: NukeThePope, I want your babies! eat!

  • leprechaun3000: Let's elope and start our own country together.
    I'm naturally blonde and female (and bisexual, can't have no homophobes in my country). I think we should take Greenland. Why? More like, why not?

  • * mikalaranda:* I love you with the heat of ~ 1/1,000 suns. That's pretty hot, from what I hear.

  • ModRod: Aw, shit. After these two posts I love you!

  • mythstified: PS: I f'n love you!

  • NoCowLevel: I love you so dearly, NukeThePope.

  • noteveni: I love you. T_T

  • noxumida: Dude, sometimes I just love you (in the non-gay way).

  • partofaplan2: lol. I love you, man!

  • Pcube: luv u.

  • Pwner_II: If I weren't married, I'd be highly tempted to go gay and stalk you in manners so creepy even Internet people would be appalled.

  • QuestionEveryPost: I love you

  • Redditheist: I'm a girl and it's a small town so haven't found many who go that way BUT I have had some fun with a couple of guy nurses and there is this one girl...
    Oh, I will if I get the opportunity and you, of course, are invited as I am one of your stalk...uh, I mean, fans.
    ... not creepy at all...I am PROUD to be a notch on your bedpost!

  • sli: NTP, I love you. Which is why...

  • spacepirate001: I love you man.

  • StridentLobster: I love you, Nuke.

  • Subtly_Blatant: I love you

  • Sunwalker: I love you.

  • superdillin: Fuck. I have a cyber crush on NukeThePope. I want to form an unholy union with him via the interblag.

  • SuperSly: I think I love you...thanks for saying what I'm thinking.

  • teamablam: You know, NukeThePope, I think I love you.

  • TheNoodlyMessiah: NTP This is why i love you 

  • theoncomingstorm: Fuck me, that's a hell of a post Pope. Informative,...

  • UncleRoger: I think I love you.

  • VLDT: I love you.

  • vomitself: without any guilt, I'd jerk you any time NTP, my fave redditor ;)

  • White_kimbo: @nuke the pope. if you ever want a blowjob, beer, or someone to hide the body, message me.

  • _Too_Far_: I want to have your babies.

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